Friday, August 1, 2008

It all starts somewhere

We all have first loves or those happy instances when iconic figures come back into our lives and remind us that we're in the right place. For some of you that may mean seeing Mr. T wielding a candy bar-dispensing gatling gun in a series of controversial Snicker's advertisements; but for me, it will always be the Sears Tower.

It's the building that towers over Chicago's skyline and lets me know I'm that much closer to seeing my grandparents and the Chicago Cubs. It was the also the only LEGO construction I've ever built with my dad- the only thing we've actually ever built together. It was a spray-painted black Sears Tower, that still sits today in my childhood closet, for the fourth grade state fair.

And so when I arrived at Brickworld2008 this year to discover that the event kit (at some conventions, there is an exclusive or miniature set to mark the occasion) was the Sears Tower, it felt right. It was an appropriate welcome back into the hobby and a nice reminder of one of my happiest childhood moments. I've still got the kit, I'm just waiting to see my dad so we can build it together.

Photo Credit: Sears Tower by Spencer R.

1 comment:

Michael Lockridge said...

What a cool story!

I can't wait to see the build.

Do include some in-progress father/son photos.