Thursday, July 31, 2008

A zombie farmer

Vignettes are a popular and growing form of MOC (my own creation). Placing minifigs in strange situations or recreating a movie or historically famous scene has its own unique bit of charm.

Today, for you I've offered up a zombie farmer and his crop of brains. With coveralls and an axe, as well as a skeleton head, how could he be anything else? He's heading over to cut back a plant that has grown a bit of out of control, sprouting arms and a torso. See, even zombies are getting into the whole grow local, eat local movement.

I'm experimenting with different methods of photography, in an attempt to improve the final product. This was shot outdoors with the help of a new Joby Gorillapod stand. (For someone, who is admittedly poor at photography, I'm amassing an impressive collection of photographic tools and feeling a bit like the amateur car enthusiast who doesn't know how to drive stick).

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