Monday, July 28, 2008

B is for...

Today's blog post entry is the second in a wildly popular feature on BrickBender- the brick-based encyclopedia. If you're just catching up, don't freak out. We're only on "B" and you can catch up within a minute, two minutes at the most.

Okay, we waited for you. Ready? Good. Today's letter is "B," and it's brought to you by Paul Hamm.

B is for...the deformed bumble bee you see in the left-hand corner. It's a bit of a genetic combination between a bee and a bull, but I can assure you one thing- it definitely flies. It went straight and true on the way into my design garbage can.

B is for...brick. This is the most basic unit of LEGO. It is the standard square or rectangular piece you are likely picturing right now.

B is for...Brickshelf. This is an online collection of LEGO creations, an adult fan site wherein users post what they have built in folders. It's very similar to Flickr- essentially online photo storage.

B is for...Bricklink. The online marketplace for used and new LEGO sets where collectors and sellers can find rare and every day pieces. Avoid late night purchasing at all costs.

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