Monday, July 7, 2008

A day at the beach

You always bring some of the beach home with you. Sand has a way of hiding in your suitcase, your shoes, and everything else you own. It turns out the same can be said of LEGO bricks.

Minifigs have turned up in my briefcase, 2x2 bricks are hiding in the corners of my suitcase, and I found a bunch of 1x1 headlights in my car. It's a little scary because I'm fairly certain I haven't purposely stored LEGO pieces in, at least two, of those places. Perhaps this is what it is like to have kids- toys turning up in unexplained places. It certainly suggests that it may be time for me to turn a bedroom into a play room. Tupperware is taking over one half of my L-shaped desk and LEGO creations are slowly filling our living room.

I'm thinking about hosing off my feet, it would seem to be the only way I can make sure I don't have any miscellaneous bricks stuck to the bottom.

Photo Credit: Plymography

1 comment: said...

So far these past five years, I have never cleaned my car, my couch or my office without finding at least one tiny 1 x 1 LEGO plate laying around.

It's kind of inevitable.

Brian ;-)