Thursday, July 10, 2008

A multi-colored skyline

I've been looking at the shape of cars, buildings, almost everything I see, recently in an attempt to discern how I might build everyday objects and structures out of plastic bricks. I settled on beginning with a small version of a skyline to try and see how different elements might mimic architectural features.

While this looks like the nightmare for a city planner or architect, it was actually fairly useful to me. It showed me how spacing and the choice of different pieces could drastically alter the picture I was trying to create. Wonkavision colors aside, I like some of the structures that came out of this. The yellow archways offer the easy possibility of a bridge while translucent bricks add something interesting to what was a black rectangle (on the left-hand side).

I'm beginning to see that the challenge for builders looking to create a scene is to integrate the individual constructions within a larger context. This is a three-dimension Sim City, where scale matters and I've got a wider color palette. Sadly, I was always compelled to destroy what I had spent so many hours building on the computer. But since I have yet to build a LEGO Godzilla, the residents of New Benderville are safe for now.

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