Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tupperware and gainful employment

If you ever want to feel unemployed, just get caught sorting LEGO bricks in your shorts and t-shirt while watching Law & Order by your air conditioner repairman. It's one of those delightful situations where you feel the need to explain what's happening, rather than just ignore the fact that it's 11 a.m. and I need both a shave and a haircut.

In terms of believability, you can put "this is for a book I'm working on..." right alongside, "I'm a talent scout looking for models," and "No, but I play one on T.V." Let's just move away from that vignette and focus on what's more important- Tupperware.

The Glad family and I are getting well acquainted today as I sort through the leftover piles of LEGO bricks from BrickWorld, break down the pieces of an advent calendar, and continue to sort through my brother-in-law's childhood collection. Sorting is not only tedious, it feels pointless as I'm certain that I will go through several systems of organization before this is all done.


Anonymous said...

I suggest the Plano line of "Stowaway" storage boxes for your sorting. Also, Sterilite makes some nice shoebox size totes as well. Both can be found at Menards on the cheap. :-)

Good luck dude!

Jonathan Bender said...

I hate to say I'm excited about storage. But those are awesome. Thanks for the heads up, it'll make things easier.