Friday, July 25, 2008

That Stands for Monorail

I couldn't let this week end without a bang and so, in the spirit of Imagineering, I bring you....(electronic drum roll, please)...the monorail. 12 studs long, a robust 2 studs and a plate high, this MOC (my own creation) is a behemoth. It barely fits on a post-it-note.

I used toolboxes for the ends of the monorail and a collection of 1x2 bricks and translucent bricks to form the cars. The track is just an inverted plate, attached to supports from a Life on Mars set. The plate has the studs point down, which resemble track ties and the exposed tubes give a railroad feel.

I actually built the lead car of the monorail using technic bricks, thinking I could attach the cars via technic pins. I ended up leaving them separate, the small amount of space gave a cleaner look. But the option is there to attach the cars and then use a rubber band system to "propel" the monorail around a track.

Now the question you have to ask yourself is...was that first photo slightly blurry or is the monorail just moving too fast for ordinary human photographers to capture?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dude, that MOC is hott. Yeah, you score two "t's" for the monorail. Nice work on this one. I really dig the use of the "toolboxes" for the front and rear.

Have a great weekend!