Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dump Truck or Garbage Truck?

Today is a version of a dump truck or possibly a garbage truck. The best way for you to decide is to let your vision relax and look slightly sideways, similar to the Magic Eye posters of the late 90's.

I couldn't decide and I think the model reflects that. A 2x4 grey plate provided the base, a spaceship chair is the back portion and two 1x2 hinged bricks make up the body. A trio of 1x2 translucent bricks are the windshield (courtesy of a Pick a Brick cup) and the wheels have been grabbed from a Creator set.

For scale purposes, it has been photographed alongside a monster finger puppet. And lest you are just starting to read this blog entry halfway down, I want to avoid a War of the Worlds-type situation. Rest easy, the city is not under attack. The finger puppet was subdued and is now sitting comfortably on top of a Sharpie. As for me, I'm like Shane Falco.

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