Friday, July 18, 2008

Fording the Rubicon

We have reached the Rubicon. Now the only question is do we ford the river and risk losing an oxen or one of the children, or do we waste a few days to build a raft, which could lead to a broken axle. Any time you can work together a Caesar reference with an Oregon Trail joke, you know this is going to be a cracking blog entry.

The other night I found myself describing the book I'm working on while engaged in polite cocktail conversations (sans cocktails). When I didn't get a strong response, I continued talking, trying to paint a more vivid picture of the types of creations I'm hoping to build and what I want to learn. It was then that I began to wonder if the folks I was talking to were seeing me as a crazy person. They already knew that I work from home, which to some people suggests that I am only employed in the loosest sense of the term or possibly agoraphobic. But do I have to come up with a shorthand for the book in order to attempt to stay on the regular side of the mainstream line?

And so, here at the Rubicon, we begin my slow descent into hermithood. At least I will be a friendly hermit, the kind that gives out candy on Halloween and gets lots of toys from Amazon. I can't help wondering if your reputation matters as much as your building prowess in the Adult Fan of LEGO community.
Photo Credit: Mister007.

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Michael Lockridge said...

They who do geeky things are viewed as geeks. Adult Lego is a geek niche. You must seek fellowship among those of your own kind. Members of the other tribes will not understand.

You have chosen a lonely path, Grasshopper.