Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today, I built at a six-year-old level

It is difficult to find benchmarks in the world of LEGO building. It is not like you can build at a fourth-grade level or emerge with a certificate of completion. There are no formal schools for training or lesson plans.

So, at times, I rely on the age range recommended by the LEGO set. I've taken to building while watching television. I am as committed to multi-tasking as any of today's teenagers who are determined to text in any location, at any cost. Last night, I whipped through a Creator set- a tiny travel kit that allows you to create three vehicles from a small plastic bag of parts. My favorite is the racer and tow-truck.

"You are getting better," said my wife Kate.

"Well, not really. This set is rated for kids age 6 to 12," I admitted.

"Well, you build really well for a 12-year-old."

I'm not sure that I believe her, but I could probably out build a six-year-old today if I had a proper head start and he had a hand behind his back.

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