Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tattooed minifigs make an ink splash

While this space is no stranger to LEGO tattoos*; these ads for the Pilot Extrafine take the concept of tats to a new level.

The viral campaign (h/t to Flavorwire) features a series of minifigures with intricate ink drawings that suggest a level of toughness heretofore unacheived by the tiny plastic men and women.

While I'm not sure about the back tattoo on a female minifig, it's hard not to appreciate the dragon tattoo the spans the arm of a smiling prisoner minifig. It makes me want to go out and etch a single teardrop on every minifig I own.

*Sadly, Nathan Sawaya's thumb tattoo has faded to the point where it is quite faint. I saw it firsthand at Comic Con and the dastardly quick regrowing thumb skin has made it into an impression, rather than a bold statement. Nathan promises to get it touched up shortly and return it to its former brilliance.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just me and Tuan Sau-Wern down by the schoolyard

We exist in a world where it is becoming easier and easier to have a lifestyle based on niches. Is it the human experience if we are all having very different experiences as humans? I like the idea that humankind can share things if only because I believe experience is one of the best ways to bring people together.

It worked at summer camp and it still works with me as an adult. That's why I enjoy reading slice-of-life articles about people's lifelong love for LEGO. It lets me connect with Tuan Sau-Wern, despite the fact that I might not have much else in common with the 31-year-old software engineer from Malaysia.

So if Tuan is ever in Kansas City or I find myself in Malaysia, I'll be glad to dump out a big tub of bricks on the ottoman and get building.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brick it like Beckham

Look I don't know if my book had anything to do with it, but I find it hard not to see it as more than a coincidence that playing with LEGO bricks as an adult is suddenly cool. First it was Brad Pitt. And now David Beckham has told Yahoo, that's he has been working on the LEGO Taj Mahal.

I like building Lego. This is going to make me sound really weird but when I was in Milan with a lot of time on my hands I found online that there's Taj Mahal Lego set you can buy. So I bought it. I didn't get to finish it though. I know it's not a career but I love it.

So get out there and start building. It's your ticket into the coolest clubs and cliques in the world.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A sneak peek at the LEGOLAND project in Florida

Those on the East Coast got a sneak peek yesterday at the newest LEGOLAND -- scheduled to open in the fall of 2011 in Winter Haven, Florida.

The City part of the park will apparently mirror the LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark, with a driving academy and Fun Town Fire Academy, where you pump an oversized LEGO fire truck down a lane to put out a "fire."

It's good to know the Dragon rollercoaster will also be at the park in the Castle area. It's one of the only rollercoasters in the world that I know I am brave enough to ride.

So with a park in Florida and California, I'm thinking I've got a backyard available smack dab in the middle of the country if Merlin Entertainments wants to keep expanding...

Image courtesy of Orlando Attractions Magazine.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A permanent love of LEGO bricks

It's no accident that the book I wrote is titled LEGO: A Love Story. There's a lot of love that went into the book and a lot of different loves throughout the book. [Just a note: In this post I will apparently write love as often as Lebron James used the word "process" last night during his ESPN special].

But LEGO love comes in all different forms and at all different levels. There's new love, the kind you awkwardly discover by throwing a DUPLO brick at a girl you like. There's old love, the kind shared by vampires who enjoy building modular LEGO constructions together. Then there is permanent love.

And here I have to tip my cap to brick artist -- Nathan Sawaya. In addition to designing an amazing cover for the book, Nathan has unveiled his latest design, which happens to be on his thumb. It's a tattoo that looks like an ink-pressed version of eight studs -- the classic configuration of a 2x4 rectangular LEGO brick.

So, instead of a finger print, Nathan now has a LEGO print.

Image via BrickArtist.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let's all go to the lobby...

Lights...Camera...LEGO? Word of a live-action LEGO movie has been making the rounds the past week or so. It appears as though it will be stop-motion and starring minifigures moving around a LEGO world.

Collider scored an interview with Phil Lord -- the director of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs that has been attached to a potential LEGO project. Here's what Lord had to say:

"Our goal was to make it look like a super charged stop-motion. Something like if Michael Bay kidnapped Henry Selick to make a movie for him.”

If Hollywood is stuck for ideas, I'd have to suggest a look at this stop action recreation of the trailer for the fictional Machete starring minifigs wielding shotguns and a bad attitude.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brad Pitt and LEGO bricks

I've done a fair share of interviews the past several weeks and one of the common questions is whether adult fans of LEGO are nerds or geeks or nerd-geeks or geeky nerds. There still appears to be a bit of a perception that spending a few hours with a tub of bricks is a geeky hobby. Well let that end today, friends...

Courtesy of the pillar of journalism that is Showbiz Spy comes the following:

BRAD Pitt has a new hobby — playing with his kids’ Lego. The Hollywood heartthrob — who raises six children with partner Angelina Jolie — loves messing around with the plastic building blocks.

“Brad loves playing with the kids — especially if it’s Lego bricks,” says a source close to the actor. “He makes no secret of the fact he’s fascinated by Lego and loves to design his own buildings with the kids. In fact he’s often still building long after they’ve got bored and gone to bed. Angelina thinks it’s cute.”

If it's good enough for Fight Club, then it better be good enough for the rest of us. Unless you want to call Brad Pitt a nerd. I didn't think so.