Friday, July 9, 2010

A permanent love of LEGO bricks

It's no accident that the book I wrote is titled LEGO: A Love Story. There's a lot of love that went into the book and a lot of different loves throughout the book. [Just a note: In this post I will apparently write love as often as Lebron James used the word "process" last night during his ESPN special].

But LEGO love comes in all different forms and at all different levels. There's new love, the kind you awkwardly discover by throwing a DUPLO brick at a girl you like. There's old love, the kind shared by vampires who enjoy building modular LEGO constructions together. Then there is permanent love.

And here I have to tip my cap to brick artist -- Nathan Sawaya. In addition to designing an amazing cover for the book, Nathan has unveiled his latest design, which happens to be on his thumb. It's a tattoo that looks like an ink-pressed version of eight studs -- the classic configuration of a 2x4 rectangular LEGO brick.

So, instead of a finger print, Nathan now has a LEGO print.

Image via BrickArtist.

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