Tuesday, August 26, 2008

C is for...

The third entry of the brick-based encyclopedia will logically focus on the letter "C." Keep in mind that you're encouraged to add any corrections or additions in the comments section.

C is for...Catalog. The direct mail piece coveted by LEGO fans because it offers beautiful pictures of new sets and a chance to purchase them.

C is for...City. One of the most popular styles of LEGO, this covers buildings and vehicles which correspond to their real-life urban counterparts. Who doesn't want a LEGO concrete mixer?

C is for...Creator. Another LEGO theme, creator is everything from loose brick to 3-in-1 sets that are meant to encourage building.

C is for..Charlie. My hound mutt who is convinced that LEGO pieces are an exotic treat. Based on the few I've tasted, I would beg to differ.

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Michael Lockridge said...

Have you played around with the Lego Factory yet?

I just checked their site, and this looked interesting. Probably not cheap, but an interesting way to Lego.

What do you think?