Monday, August 25, 2008

It's time to face the Federation

Some kids are scared of the dark. Some people can't stand spiders. I use to be afraid if my closet door was left open, even a crack. You can blame Stephen King and an advanced reading level for that one.

As you get older, you leave some fears behind and hang on to other ones. But you never get over the practice of avoidance- if anything it's easier to skirt responsibilities because you have a significant other or disposable income to cover for you. LEGO set #7662, the Trade Federation MTT, has been sitting in the third bedroom since just after my birthday on March 22. It's 1,330 pieces of space ship and I have been putting off tackling it because of concerns that I wasn't ready. Well, I think it's about time, I'm probably old enough to tackle a project rated for those between eight and 12 years old.

But I still put a trash can in front of the door when I go back to stay at my parent's house. I doubt that there is anything to be scared of; however it never hurts to have a bit of advance warning if something is coming for you while you're sleeping.

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