Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Robots attack in space

What happens when space robots attack a remote settlement on a distant planet? Well like Armageddon, you have fires in space and general chaos (considering that's the second reference to this movie in that blog, I think I'll retire the disaster flick as a point of humor).

This is a small tableau that began with the discovery of a space base plate covered in some sort of real-life algae. I'm thinking soda was spilled on this ground, a lot of soda in pursuit of some noble building cause. So far it has resisted known cleaning agents.

The space robots' ship is in the foreground of the second picture, it's a combination of safety and rocket pieces. The robots, and everything else, are built to micro-scale a few studs high or wide. The micro-bots are the only creations I really like in the vignette with levers for heads and horns for arms. Rest assured, the outcome of this scene is very much unknown as is the identity of the space settlers.

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