Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A whale?

Family Feud is stressful. You ever play the home version? Three seconds go quickly and that's without having the leathery lips of Richard Dawson just inches from your cheek. However, my favorite moment of the game show was a television contestant, who offered the following answer with unbridled enthusiasm.

Top five answers on the board. Name a common household pet.

"A whale (pronounced way-hail)" was the response from the young man wearing his finest beige suit. Sadly his boisterous suggestion was met with the unforgiving graphic red "X." And so the inspiration for today's model was born.

I present this yellow way-hail to you with the same joy. An eye from a window, this figure is only two studs wide. His tail comes possibly from an old Aqua Raiders set, although I'm not sure. And I've finally found a use for inverted slopes, which was exciting. Here's hoping you don't give me the big red "X," on this one.

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