Thursday, August 21, 2008

In search of a set

A man between sets is like a man between jobs. He is without purpose, aimlessly sorting through classifieds and self-help books. I'm not yet desperate, but I'm getting there. I don't have a LEGO set to work on right now and I'm looking to you for inspiration.

Have you built a set, be it recent or in the past, that felt particularly challenging or interesting? It could be the color or actual structure, I'm not picky, I'm just looking for the next thing to build and I was curious about what you've coveted recently.

So, how about it? What sets should I be running out to Target or BrickLink to buy?

Photo by eszx

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Brian Jay Jones said...

I've got the Batcave and totally love it, though of the Batman sets, I'd have to say the Batplane is one of the tougher (albeit montonous at times) builds.

The best set, in my opinion, is one of the classics: the LEGO Expert Builder Auto Chassis, circa 1977. You'll never take shifting gears in your car for granted again after putting the #*&^!! gear box together on this one!