Thursday, August 14, 2008

A lot on the list

When I started building with LEGO bricks, I never realized there were so many things you needed to do outside of snapping pieces together. There is sorting and storing and planning and drawing. At some point, building seems to be the reward for doing all of these other tasks. I had heard adult enthusiasts talk about the idea that it seems like they never get to build any more. I think I'm starting to understand.

I spent the better part of yesterday trying out photo boxes. I came up with a solution (I'll post the pictures I took next week), using the recycled cardboard box you see and some poster board. It was a grade-school effort and although I'm pleased with the results, I'm sure I'll cringe in a few months when I know what I'm doing.

If you ever want to convince your neighbors to move, just lay down in the driveway in the middle of summer and curse repeatedly under your breath as you attempt to keep a tripod upright under the weight of a seven-year-old digital camera. After that feel free to explain that you're taking pictures of your LEGO creations.

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