Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just one more, please

The beach house is the first real set I've built and it's awakened something inside me that I haven't felt for a good two decades- the desire for "just one more."

It's that little voice that begs for another minute before bed, just one more chapter in a book, or a bit more cool whip. And it's starting to happen with LEGO building. There's always one more page in the instruction manual or one more brick to snap on the roof. And you're always one step closer to finishing.

But when you become an adult, there is nobody older to tell you that you have to stop. You must be your own voice of reason, offering up a counter voice- there's work tomorrow or chores to do now. And it's easy to see the voice of reason get drowned out because it's never offering a fun alternative.

In the interim, it's fun to feel like a kid for a while and to indulge your wants, in place of your needs.

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Anonymous said...

Aww...cute puppy! I totally agree with the "just one more" phenomena. Happens all the time in our house. Whether it's putting one more brick on, building one more set, or buying one more copy of a's a constant battle between the "kid" inside and the "adult" voice of reason. More often than not, the "kid" wins. :-)