Monday, August 4, 2008

Need a rubber ducky?

What can one man do with four LEGO elements [In this case, a minifig head, 2x2 round plate, 2 x 2 round cap, and a 1x1 brick with a grabber extension (perhaps not the technical terms)]?

The answer, mathematically, is too complicated to explain in words or without the services of a TI-82 calculator. There is a reason, I'm in a creative field that ignores the use of geometry and algebra. The answer, creatively, is an infinite number of possibilities.

Although in truth, I believe I have found the best combination in choosing to build a LEGO rubber ducky. It wobbles, has a comically oversized head, and is the first thing I've built that I want to keep in a long time.

What can you build with just four pieces?

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