Friday, August 8, 2008

A signature style

Can a builder have a signature part? Is there one LEGO brick or plate that says to the viewer, oh this is a Bender creation? Is that even possible with plastic bricks, which by the very nature of the manufacturing process, are meant to be identical?

Painters can sign their work, graphic artists tend to have elements that are consistent throughout their designs, and architects are known for a style of building. You might find a parallel in adult enthusiasts who choose to specialize and build thematically in a similar fashion, committing to space, town, castle, technic or train as a motif.

At the same time, the amount of bricks and scale in which people build will also give clues to their style. Some LEGO builders are known for constructions in micro-scale, tiny recreations of buildings and objects. Others go in the opposite direction, building true-to-life and oversized scale models.

So, all that remains for me is to decide on small concepts, like my preferred motif and size. And then I'll be that much closer to having a signature part or style.

Structure and photo by DecoJim.

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