Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Investing in a second home

It may seem gauche to discuss the purchase of a second home in the wake of the current mortgage crisis (kind of like the guy you meet at a party who starts telling you why now is the perfect time to be buying an SUV), but at just $30 the Creator Beach House from LEGO is one that most of us can afford.

My wife Kate and I laid the foundation of the 522-piece set last night. It's fun to watch the building rise from the ground up, it gives me a sense of proper construction techniques. The attention to architectural detail is even more valuable. I particularly like the 1x1 translucent plate serving as a doorbell and the rocket ship bases (2x2 white round bricks) that form the base of a patio table.

I'm learning that building alongside someone else takes patience. As you both search for parts and snap pieces onto a baseplate, you tend to stop talking and become inwardly focused on the building task in front of you. And you realize very quickly that a construction site can't run without communication or a competent foreman. That said our pace picked up dramatically by the end of the first hour.

Perhaps the only real difficulty is going to be finding some waterfront for the property. I'm still searching for the great Kansas Ocean.

Photo by Wibowo Rusli

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