Monday, August 11, 2008

For your listening pleasure

In an effort to go all multimedia on you, today's post is a link to a podcast involving myself and author/podcaster Jon Armstrong.

His podcast, "If You're Just Joining Us," is a fun mix of interviews and commentary on unique pop culture happenings. You would also be glad if you download his outstanding science fiction novel, "Grey," (available for free as a podcast on his website).

Armstrong interviewed me recently about the book project and my immersion in the world of LEGO. We talked about my impressions of BrickWorld2008 held just outside Chicago in July, cocktail party conversation, and different styles of building.

Thankfully he was able to differentiate between me and former Indiana Pacers' player Jonathan Bender.

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Anonymous said...

Nice interview! It was really interesting to hear your take on Brickworld and the community at large. I can't wait for the book! Oh, and let me know when you want your ABS tutorial. ;-)