Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The first kit under my belt

The LEGO Beach House is finished and my first real set is under my belt. I survived help from another builder and a few pieces lost to couch cushions to produce a final product that is display worthy- which of course means that I'll be tearing it apart for parts in the coming days.

It does make me step back and wonder about what I'll want to keep to display and what will merely be a parts purchase going forward. A lot of what attracted me to the Beach House set was the number of window and door elements, which my collection is currently lacking.

This kit is also a great primer for those looking to build in the Town style as the roof is constructed separately from the base, giving you a sense of how each comes together to form a coherent structure. It's a good example of the overlap style of building, where you're building one stud out as you build up, in order to provide a base for the next piece or element.

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