Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How many frequent flier miles you got?

Put a trip to Malaysia on the calendar for April 2012 -- that's when LEGOLAND Malaysia is set to open.

Johor Streets
has the story of the first six model builders that were trained at LEGOLAND California over a 10-week period to learn to build the 15,000 models that will be displayed throughout the park. What struck me about the interviews with the builders is that rather than focus on LEGO bricks or a chance to once again play with toys, most were excited by the design skills they would gain in this profession. And that might be what separates the fan from the career -- thoughts of access to millions of bricks, as opposed to the design challenges of gluing thousands of those elements onto a steel infrastructure.

So, who's up for the trip? I'll meet you in Miniland Asia.

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Hareez Haiqal ™ said...

see u in Malaysia~
Malaysia Truly Asia~