Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have you got LEGO Fever?

We've got a new term to add to the lexicon -- "LEGO fever." It apparently describes that exact moment in childhood when learn the cleanest four-letter word you're totally allowed to say in public. It's when you have a very short list for Santa and your dad is very excited about playing with you on Christmas morning.

It also turns out that LEGO Fever is a video game featuring two brothers in track suits -- Harry and Jens -- who must accomplish a series of missions by building objects out of bricks. In my head, it's a combination of Dude Where's My Car, Oregon Trail, and Dig-Dug.

But since this is flu season, I want everybody to be careful. LEGO fever is highly contagious and even hand-washing won't stop you from catching it. In fact, you're probably a carrier for LEGO fever, you just don't know it. The only way to get a sure diagnosis is to pick up a few bricks and see what happens.

And so, as Christopher Walken so delightfully said, "I've got a fever and the only more LEGO."

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