Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcome back anticipation, I've been waiting for you

There are a number of benefits to picking up LEGO bricks again later in life. It is an escape from responsibilities. You jump start parts of your imagination that may have been laying dormant since you were a kid. And the joy of anticipation returns.

I am an adult that I'm sure is difficult to shop for on Christmas. To give you an example, the object I was most excited to receive a few years back was a shredder for my office. Although, since then I have discovered that a shredder is not particularly exciting and can't shred four envelopes at once. That shredder did have a brief return to fundom when it broke and I managed to jerry-rig it with a hammer and my foot. It now reluctantly does my bidding with a groan and the threat of electrical sparks -- all in all, it's much more interesting today because of the slight element of danger.

But last year and this year again, I have rediscovered the joy of anticipation. I'm excited for the LEGO sets to come after I read through the winter catalogue with genuine longing. Tomorrow's Christmas and I can't wait to find out what's under the tree.

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