Friday, December 18, 2009

The LEGO Movie

Since the live action LEGO movie is technically still in development -- I thought it appropriate to share some ideas as to what the plot could be for a movie that is expected to be a blend of live action and animation. For the latest, here's a recent interview with producer Dan Lin -- who talks about how the project is being fast-tracked and the LEGO Group's involvement.

If one of these ideas helps the movie get made faster, then I'm all for them being used.

-A remake of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. When you say a combo of live-action and animation -- that's the gold standard. Bob Hoskins probably needs a garage and Fabuland is ready for a comeback.

-Think Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, but with LEGO bricks. Wacky scientist dad accidentally sends children into the world of minifigs or LEGO Universe -- a quest and hilarity ensue.

-LEGO Star Wars. They've got the sets and the partnership in place. It's every boy's dream to become a Jedi -- and they've got just over 73,000 brick films to mine from on YouTube.

-There's this book being released in 2010 -- it's a tale of a plucky young journalist and his wife, who discover love and building together as adults. It's got real humor and heart -- the kind of family film that stays with you.

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