Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear LEGO: A love letter

Not many toys are worthy of a love letter. But LEGO bricks can bring out some pretty strong feelings from those who have fallen in love with the system of play. Exhibit A? Suzy's ode to LEGO published in The Guardian this weekend:
Everyday I scoop you up, all the hundreds of tiny bits of you and put you back in the shallow green plastic box we've made your home, and every time I think how fantastic you are. I love your colours, your different shape and size bricks and all the accessories and bits and bobs that make you who you are and so infinitely interesting to play with. More than anything I love how beautifully you're made. You're perfectly moulded, rigid, reliable and give a satisfying little snapping sound when you fit together.
LEGO love is ultimately very Jerry Maquire-esque: I love you for the bricks you are and for what the bricks will be. It's easy to anthropomorphize LEGO elements because of the idea of infinite possibility. We see the potential that we'd like to see in ourselves in a big old jumbled pile of bricks. Because when everything clicks, that's when we start to be excited about what we've managed to accomplish.

Image via CraigLyons.

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