Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Minifig, Minifig let me in

I never really considered collecting minifigs until I saw a display of customized figures from Fine Clonier Decals at BrickWorld a few years back. There was something very satisfying about seeing all of the Super Friends and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise together. It made start to think about how minifigs could be more than operators of the cars I built, but instead have personalities that extended beyond their noseless faces.

News has leaked over the past several months about a limited release of collectible minifigs with the debate ranging over whether they are tie-ins to LEGO Universe or actual figures that will be produced. There is apparently a robot, cheerleader, Mexican wrestler, crash test dummy, nurse, zombie, and Robin Hood among the initial set of 16 characters.

I hope these are coming in 2010 and like parents seeking a Zhu Zhu pet, I'll be scouring the Internet in an attempt to secure mine. The only difference is the minifigs will be for me, not my daughter.

As an aside, you should get started on your Halloween costumes for next year -- here are the instructions for turning your group of friends into Maxifigs.

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