Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Submarine eating-fish and LEGO maniacs

The arrival of a new slate of television advertisements from LEGO has me remembering the ad campaigns of my youth -- Zach...Zach...He's a LEGO Maniac...Zach...Zach... I apologize for introducing that song into your head, but as they say, it was the only way to get a song out of my head.

Please sing it on to someone else, otherwise I'll feel you'll start a vicious cycle that ends in a terrible lack of productivity for both of us. Plus, I believe the rule with theme songs is similar to a game of tag -- therefore, no sing-backs.

While stumbling around the Internet, I came across a recent Ad Hack post, which suggests that children in Britain may have had a different favorite LEGO ad as a kid. I can only wish we were able to experience the "Kipper" spot -- a fictional battle between LEGO creations capable of changing into anything -- keep an eye out for the submarine-eating fish. These are the kinds of battles of creativity we should all have.

Image from DeviantArt.

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