Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spotlight on: Ask a LEGO Fan

I'll confess to reading a lot of LEGO-related blogs every day. But in my defense, it's my job. In my offense, it is a supremely awesome job. So, in an effort to shine some of that awesomeness in the direction of your cubicle, monkey training facility, or the set of Dirty Jobs, I wanted to shine a spotlight on some of those LEGO-related blogs.

The first is Ask a LEGO Fan -- a site with the noble agenda of answering questions from fans of LEGO bricks. The blog's author is not affiliated with the LEGO Group, but is the kind of fan that I found to be an invaluable resource while writing LEGO: A Love Story -- somebody who cares enough about the company to try and always get his facts straight.

Also, this blog embodies the best characteristics of Adult Fans of LEGO -- the desire to share, teach, and generally spread the gospel of the plastic brick. So send in a question, this is one of the few places in life where there are plenty of answers readily available.

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