Monday, December 28, 2009

The gift of sharing

Fresh from a LEGO haul at Christmas -- this year included the Camper set and a Brick Light (an oversized two-by-two light that you mount on the wall) -- the question arises of what are you willing to share as an adult?

I've had adult fans give me rare pieces, minifigs, and (perhaps most importantly) endless amounts of guidance on building. It's nice to know that we are willing to share as long as you understand that "no one thutches my LEGOs," without my permission.

[Image via Zach is Here]


Natasha said...

My son (the artist of this picture) received the LEGO Star Wars Death Star as a Christmas present from his uncle. He is obviously of the same opinion as you: willing to share, but with some fine print.

Natasha said...
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