Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ain't No Party, Like a LEGO Party

I've read about the idea of a LEGO party -- usually as a suggestion for an affordable and alternative children's birthday party. But lately I've been thinking that without a LEGO Users Group (LUG) here in Kansas City, it would be fun to take the idea of a LEGO party and make it a bit more adult.

The basic premise would be the same -- a lot of loose bricks, maybe some sets, and a large open workspace where everyone could build. I'd probably still even have cake -- as it's not a party without cake. Add in a cooler of beer and food that doesn't leave your hands greasy and now all that remains is determining which guests might be into playing with bricks as an adult.

Perhaps, best of all, I'm envisioning everyone leaving with a small goodie bag of LEGO bricks.

4 comments: said...

Grease is the biggest issue, as you mentioned. For my LEGO build parties, I go with pretzels, Bugles, Chex mix, baby carrots. Just about anything else leaves the fingers greasy and/or cheesy. :-)


David said...

One thing I tried earlier this year was throwing a "sorting party". I supplied my guests with appropriate food and libations, and in turn they helped me break down old models and sort through 2 or 3 bins of junk. It was quite a success.

Jonathan Bender said...

A sorting party is genius. I have come to dread sorting and the idea of having friend-based labor makes it much more appealing.

David said...

It's good times -- I recommend starting with something simple like sorting minifigs, so that non-LEGO folk can ease into categorization. And stopping to build random MOCs is always welcome, albeit not productive.