Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You're not sending me to the cooler

I had never treated LEGO minifigures as action figures until yesterday when I looked at a new Batman set (7884, Batman's Buggy) that featured the caped crusader and Mr. Freeze.

"It's about to get cold in here," I muttered in a vaguely Austrian accent that might have been Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. And yes I know I'm referencing Batman & Robin, but you were warned yesterday that left to my own devices I will put just about anything in the DVD player.

Minifigures were just accessories to start. The driver of a truck or guy behind a counter. Then they became interactive parts of the scene, where I was trying to pose them as they might be reacting to whatever was happening in a vignette. Now, I'm making them come to life and giving them presidential aspirations. If I could just figure out how to get their claw-like hands to type, they might even one day become a blogger.

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