Thursday, December 4, 2008

My friends the Google Alerts

Do you have people in your life that act like Google Alerts? They send you links/articles that they know you'll finding interesting.

Well before there was Google Alerts, there was my grandmother and her scissors. Nearly every envelope that arrived from Chicago contained a chopped up newspaper with pen pointing out the salient points of an article about the Cubs. It's a genetic predisposition inherited by my dad and myself. He still cuts and mails; I've gone digital. Despite my aversion to forwards, I can't stop myself from sending links about Calvados cocktails and small French children telling stories about an epic animal battle.

But over the past seven months, I've started to see pieces of my grandmother in a lot of people. While I get Google Alerts (sometimes twice daily) for the term "LEGO," it is often the work colleagues and friends in my life that send me the most interesting stories about LEGO right now. It is fun to watch the people in your life get excited and show a bit of the passion you're staring to feel for a little plastic brick.

Photo by monsterbrick.

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