Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Republic Attack Cruiser

Behold...the Republic Attack Cruiser. The latest from the Brick Master membership is rated for 8+ and in case you're wondering...I nailed it.

If there was a speed build for this set, I would beat at least half of the 12-year-olds in my age group. The size of this one makes it deal for moving it around the office while making rocket ship noises. The effects of laser beams being fired is also a nice touch.

If you want to think of this ship as being destroyed by rebel forces, that's probably for the best. Sadly this set was scavenged for parts, shortly after this picture was taken.

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PeteCorp said...

Hi Jonathan,
I just heard your conversation on the LAML radio podcast. I think it is great that you're researching the adult lego builder culture. Perhaps an interesting dimension to look at is what it takes to be blogged by Brothers-Brick. When I asked one of the writers he said paraphrasing, "the heck if I know." Everyone remembers the first time they are blogged by Brothers-Brick. The rest are just waiting. The haves and have not been blogged. It feels like a bunch of research professors waiting to be published in medical journals.

On the podcast you mentioned you like simple lego creations.
"...simple but beautiful nice, easy detail....capture essence in really small amount of bricks."

You may like some of my creations. (Shameless plug.)


Keep up the good research. I'm looking forward to reading your book.