Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not quite a streak buster

Day four of the "Five Builds in Five Days" Challenge, and we needed a gimme to get through it. But just keep in mind, even Cal Ripken had a few games where he only played a couple of innings during his Iron-Man streak.

I'm a sucker for the impulse buy and the "3-in-1" CREATOR sets are the ultimate impulse buy. Set 4915, Mini Construction, is a 68-piece set that can be made into a mini crane, truck, or forklift.

In an effort to honor the challenge, I constructed all three variations and what you see pictured is my favorite- the box top art choice. After all, who doesn't need a tiny crane? As an added bonus, this is the first set my dad has built in 20-some-odd years. Minus a few pinched fingers, I think he was a fan.

Final verdict: These are great sets to become familiar with pieces and specialty elements. The appetizer of the kit world, this must be what it's like to use a nicotine patch when trying to quit smoking.

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