Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The tale of Ron Eaton's collection

Ron Eaton was an adult fan of LEGO who died last Christmas; and this year his LEGO collection is going to Toys for Tots. It will be the highlight of many kids' Christmas mornings.

Ron's story was recently featured in The Everett Daily Herald. It's the kind of piece that makes you appreciate the joy of giving, but also feel saddened by loss.

In looking at his family's decision and Ron's life in the context of LEGO, it raises larger issues that I have heard from adult collectors, who are trying to figure out how they will parcel out their collection when they're gone.

The idea that Eaton's toys will go to the next generation of adult fans is a nice testament to the toys he loved- a group of children will have the chance to fall in love with the same sets and pieces that helped define the life of the retired software engineer.

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