Friday, December 12, 2008

Those aren't bookshelves...

When you get older, your tastes change. Without explanation I eat everything from tomatoes to lobster despite a healthy aversion to both when I was growing up.

But in this case, it's interesting to see two of my oldest loves clashing. This weekend I'm taking out two shelves of books from my office to make room for LEGO storage. It seems fair. I never stopped reading, while I took 18 years off from playing with LEGO. It is year of the brick after all (the 50th anniversary of the iconic 2x4 red brick and the 30th anniversary of the minifigure).

A potential compromise exists as I've amassed a fair number of LEGO-themed books on building, collecting, and the corporation's history. However those books, despite their value in my research, ultimately just make me want to run my hands through a tub of loose bricks. It is like watching "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," without having candy on hand.

In the end, reading is fundamental, but LEGO bricks are fun. And fun wins out over function every time.

Photo from moonlight bindery.

1 comment: said...

oh man. You are SO in it now. There's no turning back! ;-)

(how's the mosaic looking?)