Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A big rig parked on my ottoman

Day 2 of the national build challenge. I was hoping the idea of building five LEGO sets in five days would catch on in the same fashion as "Hands Across America." Even if we can't build enough LEGO sets to stretch across the country, I'm still praying that Chewbacca will show up in Columbus, Ohio again. It's been 22 years Wookie, the Ohio State fans need you.

Yesterday, the Big Rig (LEGO Creator 4955) was calling. With three choices, I opted for the model on the cover- it's why I bought the 550-piece set in the first place. And it didn't disappoint. Any general car enthusiast will love the amount of chrome included from the 1x2 grille pieces to the antennas at the corner.

This kit provides a nice foundation for understanding how to build a truck. The overlapping plates that create the frame give you an idea of where the next part is headed before you even turn the page. The detail work around the cab was most interesting with fully functioning doors and hinged seats that are ingenious in their construction. I called in my contract builder to help finish the hood and roof of the cab. Ice-T's performance on "Law & Order: SVU," demands my complete attention.

Final verdict: A leisurely one-day build, the kind that model car enthusiasts and children fascinated by big trucks will love. This one will stay together until I decide to go for the convertible, one of the alternate builds on the box.

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