Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To the 1x5 in your life

Today is a travel day, so this blog entry will be closer to a Twitter update than a blog post; but sometimes you do more with less words.

During a discussion with several model designers at LEGO U.S. headquarters (more on the trip to Enfield,CT, to follow) I was taught a new term used by adult fans of LEGO. It is easily the phrase that has amused me most to date.

LEGO currently produces 1x4 bricks and 1x6 bricks (one stud wide by four or six studs long); but doesn't produce a 1x5 brick. If a LEGO enthusiast references a 1x5 at a convention, it's apparently a code for the arrival of a hot girl. Here's to all you 1x5s out there.

Photo by gizmocom.

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