Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Castle building

I'm in the middle of slapping together an entry for Classic-Castle's sixth annual Colossal Castle contest.

Colossal Castle Contest VI has 11 categories with sets as prizes and I've got my eye on the "Haunted Castle," vignette- where you're asked to create a haunted castle building or room.

I'm playing around with different surprises and one of the elements I think could be neat is pictured to the left. It is two wheel rims that have been attached to a Technic brick. I think it resembles the old oval portrait frames and might add something different to one of the walls inside my castle vignette. I could see a 2x2 brick with a sticker or several 1x1 rounds adding an image inside the "frame."

The entries are due next Wednesday and it's time to find a place for my glow-in-the-dark ghost.

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Anonymous said...

Check out my use of your pictured technique on my 'HALO Scorpion Tank' I built for the MOCOlympics.

HALO Scorpion Tank

I think the fourth picture down shows it best. I love that technique! Using it as a oval picture frame is brilliant!