Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dwarves and headbands

Last evening, we opened the 10th window of the LEGO Castle Advent Calendar to discover an axe-wielding dwarf with a magnificent gold crown and delightful beard.

Above you see a modernized version of the medieval character. If a mine-working dwarf existed today, he'd be rocking a light blue Nike headband (in honor of Carmelo Anthony's 33 points in a quarter last night) and a few days of Brooklyn hipster stubble.

Obviously, his hair would neither be combed nor cut properly, mine-working dwarves can't be expected to sit still in a barber's chair. But he might make some compromises, likely trading in his pickaxe for a rock hammer, the kind used to polish and shape rocks. And he would be a hoarder; the kind of guy who creates towers of newspapers in his house that form the indoor equivalent of a corn maze.

For those stuck at home on a snowy Thursday, this blog entry shows you how to have fun with just a simple LEGO minifig and a headband. Either that or I forgot I was wearing a headband for the past two hours until I walked by the bathroom mirror, thus leading me to decide to share my amusement.

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