Friday, December 26, 2008

Tune in to LAMLradio

For those of you who are not visual learners, today's offering is a podcast- LAMLradio. Over the weekend, I joined James Wadsworth and Aaron Andrews to talk about the LEGO news of the week and the book I'm currently writing.

LAML (LEGO And More LEGO) is a regular podcast from James that offers a MOC of the week and discusses the latest from The LEGO Group. It's a neat way to find out about new and interesting constructions and also get a sense of what people are talking about in the community.

You'll also want to see what James does with LDraw, it makes you want to be a better designer. At the same time, Aaron (DARKspawn) creates awe-inspiring vignettes, including a floating technique that allows him to "bury" objects in a SNOT ocean.

Photo by James Wadsworth.

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