Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What the world Tweets about LEGO

Twitter is like Facebook in that both have the potential to vacuum away time without me realizing the sun has moved significantly in the sky. But a casual look at Twitter this morning (via Twitter Search) shows that I'm not the only one with LEGO bricks on the brain, which is comforting.

In just the past hour, there have been 186 Tweets (and that number will have gone up by the time I'm done typing this parenthesis). Road construction has been compared to LEGO bricks, pieces have been lost to the vacuum, and LEGO Star Wars appears to always be on everyone's mind. Below is a smattering of the most interesting, including photos from LEGO Universe, a terrifying vignette from Dexter, and the LEGO pit from South By Southwest.

@Wadey Wade: Toy Story Lego There goes the afternoon.

@BrockXerox: #Lego pictures from Lego universe at

@raqueldemeneses: RT @Cardoso: Dexter Lego.

@legodiem: Photo: Lots ‘o Legos (via TimmyGUNZ) The Lego pit at SXSW.

@adampj87: I favorited a YouTube video -- Lego Man Prank Call.

Image via Tveskov.

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