Thursday, March 18, 2010

I would like to enroll at LEGO Building School

Besides Hogwarts, it's time to add another dream school to my list -- LEGO Building School.

A virtual school created by Linus Bohman -- the man behind (a series of LEGO-related applications) -- the Web page jumps to the top of the list when it comes to providing answers to the every day questions from people building with LEGO bricks.

The Brothers Brick has an extensive interview with Bohman about the site. Here's his vision of what the LEGO Building School could be:

TBB: What are you especially hoping to accomplish with LBS? What needs do you think it meets?

LB: LBS was built to answer questions like “How do I become a better builder” or “What is SNOT?” The answers float around in the community, but they’ve been hard to find since the post-LUGNET community is so fragmented. I don’t believe we need a central place for communicating with each other – those things tend to work out anyway – but I do believe we need various central hubs for other things. TBB has largely filled the LEGO news niche, for instance. I intend for LBS to fill the learning niche, at least until something better comes along.

The menu is a simple toolbar, you can browse postings by lessons (building techniques, scales & standards, presentation) or keywords (minifig, sci-fi, color). The entire page acts like an older, wiser friend that knows more about LEGO building than you do -- pointing you to a series of authoritative articles or pictorials that would take considerably longer to discover on your own.

So go check out your virtual Mr. Miyagi -- there's not a link for how to build a figure doing a crane kick yet, but there is a questions box.

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