Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The rights of dads

There are certain inalienable rights extended to fathers. They have the right to circle endlessly looking for the closest parking space, fart without remarking upon what just happened or expecting others to do so, and eat an ice cream bar on the car ride home when they go out to buy ice cream for the entire family.

I'd like to add one more. I think it's the right to buy toys for oneself when errand shopping at Target. Faced with a short list of household essentials that most definitely didn't include LEGO bricks, I somehow ended up coming home with an Army Men on Patrol set (which incidentally is on sale at Amazon right now -- via The Brothers Brick).

And that is my Toy Story.

Image via Yupa Sama.

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doodlebird said...

ha ha. spot on. you described my yesterday perfectly. i went out for a plunger, mop n glow, and jammies... came home with all those + Army Men on Patrol. it was $2 off! :)