Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Training and LEGO stadiums

With friends at Spring Training and the hope that this is the year the Cubs will put it together -- it feels right to blog about the art of putting together a baseball stadium out of LEGO bricks.

I'm not the only one feeling this way, consider The Star-Ledger's Yankees beat writer Marc Carig's Tweet from yesterday:

In college, I built Tiger Stadium out of Legos. When my pal, a Japanese exchange student, knocked it down, he yelled "Godzilla!" I was mad. [via The Times Union]

For my money, the stadium standard has been set by LEGO Certified Professional Sean Kenney -- who put together a scale recreation of Yankee Stadium (pictured above) with more than 45,000 LEGO bricks in 2009. You can see more photos here and even buy prints for that Yankees fan or beat writer in your life.

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