Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All conferences should be held around such tables

It's too late for my home. There are LEGO bricks in almost every room and they're not going anywhere soon. The other day I compared it to the movie villain in "The Blob," it is just the slow, inexorable takeover of my house by tiny plastic bricks. Inevitably I try to run, but I trip and the next thing you know, my pants pockets are full of bricks and I've staked my claim to half of a bookshelf.

And since this is a hobby/lifestyle choice/obsession that extends beyond my home -- you will join us -- I figured you could at least look cool with a LEGO conference table. The one pictured above was designed for a British advertising agency Boys and Girls by design firm Abgc. There's a making of video here.

As soon as I'm done building my LEGO phone, I'll totally ring you to set up that meeting.

Image via freshome.

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